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Our commitment to sustainability

We strive to be a unique frozen vegetable company with healthy operating results. We grow and produce healthy products, with respect for nature and improve social standards within all aspects of our business.



Pinguin - A unique Pinguin

What sets us apart? Our passion for the products. Our 50 years of experience in processing top quality vegetables and fruits. Our sustainable relationship with our farmers during all those years.  Our global presence and local approach. And the unflagging daily efforts of our employees to offer our customers top quality products with a generous portion of service and flexibility.


Prosperity - .... with healthy operating results

Next to Noliko (canned), Univeg (Fresh) and Peatinvest (substrates),  Pinguin navigates under the banner of the listed Greenyard Foods. Greenyard foods employs over 8,150 employees in 27 countries worldwide and realizes a sales of almost 4 billion euro. This makes the group a unique n°1 worldwide in fruit and vegetables. Being a part of Greenyard Foods, we are confident that the foundations for further profitable growth in the coming years are there.


Product - Growing and producing healthy products ...

Eating enough fruit and vegetables is the obvious path to a healthy lifestyle. We grow and produce products that help to follow that path. We pause our fine ingredients at the peak of perfection and suspend them there until the moment you’re ready to enjoy them.  All our products are 100% pure, additive-free, year round available, already washed and peeled, sliced or diced, perfectly portion-able, saving time, full of taste, with zero waste. 

7 product groups answering nowadays needs: vegetables, vegetable mixes, fruits, herbs, organics, pasta & rice and culinary preparations that make life easier for our customers.


Planet - ... with respect for nature

We continuously monitor the processing stages and constantly come up with new initiatives with a view to sustainable controlling the long and complex chain from cultivation to ready-for-market product.

Naturally, eco-efficient agriculture constitutes the basis for all of this. Our agronomists are working on various projects at international level. For example they are already using satellite controlled steering systems during sowing and harvesting, and are investigating whether the stand density of crops can be measured via satellite and with drones, in order to then adapt the fertilization and use of plant protection agents on the studied parcels.


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All production sites are making major efforts to reduce the consumption of raw materials, water and energy and reduce our carbon footprint. We have set a goal to reduce our energy consumption with 20% by 2020. Pinguin’s English site succeeded in cutting its share of noon-recycled waste to zero, and this example is now being actively emulated in all other factories. And we are very proud to be part of NexTrust, a 30 member consortium of some of Europe’s leading thinkers on collaborative logistics. NexTrust expects its pilot cases to reduce deliveries by 20% and with modal shift to reduce GHG emissions by 50%, load factors shall increase by 50% given the emphasis on back-load/modal shift initiatives.

People - and improving social standards within all aspects of our business

A company’s power resides in the strength of its employees. In 2014/2015 we strove for a top-performance HR policy that invests in the development of our own employees, a better knowledge transfer and safety at work. In the past year we focused on the initiatives begun earlier in the area of education and training programmes for our 1,597 employees; and we set up a competent safety center, sharing best practices between our 10 European factories.



Participation West Flanders Sustainability Charter

Every year the Belgian production site participates the West-Flanders sustainability charter. 

The West Flanders Sustainability Charter is a tool to put flesh on the bones of sustainability and to make an effort to continuously improve the performance at an environmental, social and economic level.

By signing the Charter, companies commit to realising an action plan around 10 themes:

  1. Corporate Governance
  2. social commitment
  3. communication and dialogue
  4. people-friendly enterprise
  5. risk management
  6. sustainable investment and purchase
  7. supply management
  8. climate change and energy
  9. quality of the direct environment
  10. sustainable logistics and mobility



Pinguin commitment to sustainability

Download our sustainability statement and infographic.