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Pinguin Convenience brings Pinguin’s fresh frozen vegetables and fruit together with other ingredients to create tasty preparations that make life easier for our customers. The range is designed in cooperation with the customer and is very diverse: from vegetable mixes resulting from the addition of simple ingredients or herbs, to smart nutritional components for the meal assembly kitchen or ready-to-eat meals.


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Quality first


Our convenience products often combine our fresh vegetables with protein-rich ingredients (meat, fish or meat substitutes) and/or healthy carbohydrates such as pasta, bulgur, rice, quinoa, etc. Since not every ingredient of our ready-made meals is available in the Pinguin range, we work very closely with partners such as suppliers of meat, fish, etc. We select each partner with care, to ensure they are just as committed to quality and hygiene as Pinguin itself. And, of course, all preparations contain only natural ingredients.


Innovation, inspired by the customer


Our range of convenience foods is largely driven by the market. Our chefs are constantly creating new and innovative recipes, which they then adapt to production on an industrial scale. New Pinguin products are developed in tight cooperation with the customer, taking into account specifications on matters of nutritional value and Guideline Daily Amounts (GDA) for instance.


Soups, sauces and purées in handy portions

Our soups, sauces, natural and prepared purées are made on a pello freezer. The liquid product is frozen very quickly between 2 moving stainless steel belts. The lower freezing belt is serrated and determines the shape of the pellos. After 7-8 min. the product has frozen and is cut into individual pellos at the end of the freezing belts. The pello mini-portions are very handy in use (dimension ± 1x2x4cm; +/- 7g) and can easily be dosed in cubes depending on the amount you need.

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Endless possibilities

In our convenience brochure you will find a broad selection of Pinguin food products and ready-to-eat meals that are bound to make your mouth water. You have your own idea? All suggestions are welcome: we will be glad to work out a tailored Pinguin proposal brimming with tasty, fresh Pinguin vegetables.