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About Pinguin

What sets us apart? Our passion for the products. Our resolute choice for quality: we select the best seeds and farmland, the most motivated farmers, the most high-tech facilities and a strictly controlled production process from the farmer to the consumer. Moreover, our absolute goal is to achieve sustainability. Sustainable agriculture is the basis for our activities. Moreover, we respect people and the environment during the production, packaging and transportation of our products.

Our team of 1,597 employees grows and processes more than 400,000 tonnes of products annually, at 10 production sites. Next to Noliko, Univeg and Peatinvest, Pinguin is one of the independent businesses within Greenyard Foods, a world number one in vegetables and fruits.

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Our mission

"Pinguin is a leading, international processor of harvest fresh vegetables and fruit into long-lasting, tasty and healthy,  frozen food products. Our products are easy and fast to prepare and offer convenience as an added value.
Our employees bring day after day innovative solutions to our customers, with an absolute focus on quality, cost and service.
In the total chain from farmer to consumer, we strive towards sustainability and long-lasting relations, with respect for people and environment."
Hans Luts, Managing Director Pinguin


Wordwide and yet closeby

Pinguin is a global player, with branches worldwide. The heart of Pinguin’s cultivation and production is located in the most fertile areas of Europe: in Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Poland and Hungary. Pinguin manages a total of 10 production sites. This ensures that the harvested vegetables can be processed immediately, which is a guarantee for excellent – fresh frozen – quality: both the nutritional value and flavour are perfectly preserved.

Our frozen vegetables are sold not only from our sales offices scattered across four continents, but also through sales agents and importers/distributors. Thanks to the local presence of our sales team, we keep our finger on the pulse of local needs and wishes and we can work closely with you.

In countries where Pinguin does not grow its own vegetables or fruit, we can count on a local team of trusted employees. They work closely with carefully selected local partners who supply locally produced frozen varieties.

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Facts and figures


Sales volume

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Number of different kinds of  vegetables - fruits - herbs

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Top 10 vegetables (excl. mixed vegetables)

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